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Brief History of PAMA-K
  • In the winter of 1982 a handful of promoters got together at the small hall of theater Space and reached an agreement to establish networks between artist managers, to refrain from excessive competition between themselves and consequently to make contribution, such as it is, to the developement of the nation's arts management. They also agreed to form an association of performing arts managers, named Theater and Artists Managers' Association in Korea, and to compose the articles of association as well.
    The gathering was attended by Kim Yong-hyun, Kang Suk-heung, Kang In, Kang Joon-hyuk, Yang In-shik and Han Jin-suk

  • In 1983 they changed the association's name into Performing Arts Managers' Association(PAMA-K) and nominated Mr. Kim Yong-hyun to the 1st chairman.

  • In 1985 PAMA-K successfully organized the 4th Conference of Federation of Asian Cultural Promotion at Shilla Hotel, Seoul from December 4 to 6, 1985. By doing so the association was promoted to international community.
  • Between 1986 and 1991, PAMA-K, though not under the government umbrella, made it a rule to organize or join the meetings of the FACP board directors and join its main conferences anually, where its delegates exchanged overall information about all performing activities taking place in Korea in the previous year and the year ahead as well.
    On December 17, 1990 the plenary session of PAMA-K addressed the issues on the advance into centeral arena by provincial artists and further activation of provincial arts. At this meeting the new board of directors were nominated as follows;
    Kim Yong-hyun
    Song Hee-young(Korea Musica)
    Yoon Yeo-ik(Ye-um Foundation)
    Lee Min-hee(Dong-a Ilbo)
    Board of Directors:
    Kang Suk-hung(KBS Symphony Orchestra),
    Oh Byung-kwon(Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra)
    (hereinabove from Performing Organizations)
    Han Jin-suk(Joong-ang Ilbo), Kim eui-hwan(KBS Enterprise)(hereinabove from media)
    Bae Sun-joo(Taegu Council), Han Sang-dong(Kyung-nam Artists Management)(hereinabove from province)

  • On April 4, 1992, the plenary session, attended by 29 participants out of 43 members, approved the articles of association and decided to register the PAMA-K to the Ministry of Culture as an incorporated body.

  • In 1992 the Ministry of Culture incorporated PAMA-K under Article 32 of the Civil Law. Mr. Kim Yong-hyun was designated as chairman, Mr. Song Hee-young as vice-president, Mr. Uhm Chang-hee, Mr. Kang Suk-heung, Mr. Oh Byung-kwon, Mr. Park Hee-jeong, Mr. Park Hyun as members of board of directors and Mr. Han Jin-suk and Mr. Sur Kun as auditors.

  • In 1993, PAMA-K organize "'93 Seoul International Music Festival" from November 8 to 23, in which 9 performing artists and artistic groups had 10 concerts. The event was also supported by Ministry of Culture and Sports and Korean Broadcasting System.

  • In 1994, PAMA-K organized the 12th FACP conference at Lotte Hotel, Seoul, from January 7 to 9.

  • On July 13, 1995 PAMA-K apply for the revision of the articles of association to Ministry of Culture and Sports to extend the term of the board members to 4 years, the auditors to 2 years and to appoint one additional vice-chairman, and got approval on July 20.

  • On August 2, 1995, PAMA-K appointed a new board members and got approval from Ministry of Culture and Sports on August 18 as follows;
    Kim Yong-hyun
    Song Hee-young, Kang Suk-hung
    Board of Directors:
    Oh Byung-kwon, Park Hee-jeong, Chung Hoon-sang, Yoon Sam-soo
    Han Jin-suk, Lee Min-hee

  • On February 10, 1996 PAMA hold a meeting of board of directors at Ye-um Foundation, at which Mr. Chung Jae-ok(Credia) succeeded Mr. Lee Won-tae as general secretary. The latter was designated as unregistered member of the board.

  • On April 27, 1996 PAMA-K hold the plenary session to look over 1996 projects and decided to have a summer camp in Kyungjoo.

  • On July 5 and 6, 1996 PAMAK-K hold the summer camp at Concord Hotel, time-honored historic city of Kyungjoo, where 80-odd members take part to discuss how to activate the concerts in provincial cities. The camp also invited an accountant Park Young-joon to have lecture on arts-related tax and tax savings. On the following day Mr. Masahiro Nishizawa from Kambara Music Office in Tokyo, Japan, was invited to explain the management circle in Japan.

  • On February 14-15, 1997 about 70 PAMA-K members join the 15th FACP conference in Hong Kong, and the plenary session of PAMA-K in Macau on the following day. In Macau all the Korean participants exchanged idea on such far-reaching issues as screening applications for venues and securing funds.

  • On August 29 and 30, 1997, PAMA-K hold the 2nd summer camp at Tirol Hotel, Moojoo, attended by 73 members from 30 agencies. In the main session the 5 topics were discussed; Enterprise and cultural industry, Performance-related laws and its improvement, Streamlining provincial arts management, Promoting audience. Music critic Lee Sang-man gave a lecture on arts manager's role and prospect. The plenary meeting was also held to organize the new board members. Mr. Kim Yong-hyun was appointed to honorary chairman while Mr. Lee Sang-man to advisor. Other board members are as follows;
    Kang Suk-heung(KBS Symphony Orchestra)
    Song Hee-young(Musica Korea)
    Lee Min-hee(Dong-a Ilbo)
    Board of Directors:
    Park Hee-jeong(Seoul Artists Management)
    Oh Byung-kwon(Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra)
    Chung Hoon-sang(Fine Management)
    Yoon Sam-soo(Taegu Broadcasting Corp)
    Chun Kyung-hwa(Michooholl Artsits Management)
    Kim Joo-ho(LG Yonam Foundation)

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