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What is PAMA-K?

PAMA-K(Performing Arts Managers' Association in Korea), a non-profit and incorporated body, forms information networks between members, exchanges information about issues related to the arts management and makes cooperative voice in addressing them, thereby promoting the general welfare of the arts managers in Korea.

PAMA-K, founded in 1982, has membership of about 70 management agents which include the promotion divisions of newspapers and broadcasting networks, arts organizations, management agencies, cultural foundations.

The association has organized several yearly or semiyearly educational activities, such as workshops and seminars, to stimulate and develop managers' skill and to come up with effective and creative management.

PAMA-K also publishes informative monthly newsletter "Performing Arts" and its members receive a full range of information about key issues which face our industry and about the comings and goings of its members as well.

PAMA-K's information sharing is not limited to Korea. It has an ongoing relationship with many of the most active and visible arts service organizations, including International Society for Performing Arts & Exhibit(ISPA), International Arts Managers' Institute(IAMA), Federation for Asian Cultural Promotion(FACP), domestic and international conferences and many others.

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