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'97 PAMA-K's Summer Camp
Having had a successful 1st summer camp in Kyongjoo, 1996, PAMA-K also hold its 2nd summer camp at the Tirol Hotel of MooJoo Resort on August 29 and 30, 1997. As many as 70-odd members joined the camp on the following schedule table.
A. Registration
B. Introduction of Members(by General Secretary)
C. Report of PAMA-K's History and Activities(by Mr. Kang Suk-hung)
D. Group Discussion(with 5 topics) chaired by Mr. Kim Joo-ho
(1)How to recognize the current situation of Korea's arts management and to overcome the problems it faces. (Led by Park Hee-jung)
(2)Enterprise and cultural industry(Led by Yoon Sam-soo)
(3)Free talking about the laws that rule the arts mamangement and finding problems(Led by Lee Won-tae)
(4)Streamlinging arts management in provincial cities(Led by Oh Byung-kwon)
(5)Promoting audience(Led by Chung Hoon-sang)
E. Group discussion and question & answer
F. Special Lecture
"Problem and Outlook on Arts Promotion and Policy on Culture"
Lectured by Mr. Lee Sang-man(Music Critic)
Presided by Mr. Lee Won-tae
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